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Feature: NAB Meets Media Democracy
Friday, September 22 (II)

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Sounds of the Street - Click here

Back at the Moscone Center, the four protesters who locked themselves together in the lobby of the convention hall were prepared for a long stay. The police attempted to negotiate their surrender, but to no avail. Finally, NAB executives got tired of seeing the demonstration, so they ordered police to put up a portable curtain around the activists.

This was not a smart move. All four immediately began shouting anti-NAB chants at the tops of their lungs, further embarrassing the radio elite. Eventually, the San Francisco Fire Department was called in, and with a buzzsaw-like cutting tool (plus lots of sparks) they "unlocked" the protesters, who were then hauled off to jail.

By this time, the demonstration at the Clear Channel building had broken up, and word was beginning to filter back that people had been. Some made their way to the city's "Hall of Justice" to express their displeasure at the incarceration of their colleagues.

Fortunately, there was legal aid available: members of the National Lawyer's Guild were dispatched to represent those behind bars.

Here, the police made another mistake: they refused the lawyers access to the building. Claiming a "security risk" existed, they had locked down the "Hall of Justice. Those activists arrested were hence denied their constitutional right to legal representation.

The attorneys knew they had the upper hand; all attempted to run the police line. One went with a (verbal) fight, and two went peacefully; all were arrested for "assaulting a police officer."

It took until early Saturday morning before everyone was finally free again.

During all of this, yours truly was in the IMC, keeping the tabs on news from both outside and inside the convention while helping reporters with tape get their field audio online.

There was even a small 'war of the spins' going on; the NAB had its own press team trying to put a lid on the day's events while continuing to spew forth their propaganda. IMC reporters worked throughout the day to counter some of that, too.

News from inside the convention building itself was tough to come by, as the NAB had begun revoking the press credentials of not only independent journalists, but even those of some of mainstream news outlets in San Francisco. The NAB had been rattled. That, in itself, constituted a victory.

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