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Digital Radio Article Index
Coverage of digital radio around the world, with special focus on HD Radio developments.

The U.S. Microradio Movement
Notable news on stations and people that have graced the scene with actions and ideas.

FCC-Related Information
Microradio enforcement, media regulation, and the politics that drives it all.

LPFM Legalization Fight (1998-2002)

Pirate Radio in General

Amendment One
Columns on media and democracy by Don Schellhardt.

Highlights/Most Requested

Making Waves
The award-winning documentary about three stations in Tucson and their connection to the larger U.S. microradio movement. Includes clickable clips (Quicktime required).

The Deed is Done: FCC Lifts Most Media Ownership Restrictions
It took only 90 minutes for the debate; calling the question took less than 15 seconds. Listen to the historic decision and read notable quotes from all involved.

Mosquito Fleet Stings NAB
Microbroadcasters from around the country swarm on Seattle, Washington for the National Association of Broadcasters' 2002 radio convention.
Our report contains an operational analysis, tons of audio and photos of the "Mosquito Fleet" in action, and copies of the zines designed especially for the event.

NAB Meets Media Democracy
On-scene coverage of the first protest against the NAB Radio Convention, held in San Francisco in September, 2000. Includes extensive photo and audio galleries of all the action. Experience the birth of the media democracy movement!

Free Radio - A Documentary Video
Our review of the excellent doc Free Radio, shot and produced by Kevin Keyser. Well worth watching - article includes lots of clips (Realplayer required) .

The History of LPFM
From the first low-power stations to the latest batch of licenses, this is a detailed narrative of microradio in America through its incarnations.