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Feature: NAB Meets Media Democracy
Friday, September 22

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The shit hit the fan bright and early: around seven in the morning, more than 100 protesters converged on the front doors of the Moscone Center. While they made a ruckus and the police were still setting up a line to keep them out of the complex, four activists darted into the lobby and locked themselves together with thick steel bike locks around their necks.

The NAB couldn't deny it now. We were here, and we were in its face. The police immediately retaliated; they forced the protesters outside the Moscone Center all the way back to the street, established a line of barricades, and began negotiations with the 'lockdown team' in the lobby.

Meanwhile, FCC Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth was about to take the stage to address conventioneers; two more media activists beat him to the podium and expressed their displeasure with the state of corporate radio before being escorted away.

And in one the convention center's parking lanes people were playing "Media Monopoly" - making some improv street theatre with a message.

Eventually the crowd of protesters outside decided to abandon their demonstration at the Moscone Center - but they marched on to a new target: The San Francisco headquarters of Clear Channel Communications, the largest radio station owner in America.

The police did not expect the masses to move several blocks; their reaction to this was not pretty. At least two protesters were beaten and arrested while while cops attempted to herd everyone onto the sidewalks.

Still, the throng arrived at the Clear Channel building relatively intact, voices were raised and there were more scuffles between police and protesters as the cops attempted to form a blue barrier between the activists and their object of wrath.

Little did they know that members of one of the stations were watching the commotion outside. Soon after they arrived, the crowd was assaulted by two thuggish men - "personalities" from 94.9 KYLD's "Dog House" shock-jock morning show. Some shoving ensued, profanities flowed like water, and if anyone caught some on videotape, there's a good chance those Dog House boys could be the focus of an FCC investigation and felony indictment for assault.

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