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This is a gallery of collage whose source material is derived from advertisements or other commercial/consumerist messages. While these files are being made freely available here, the creators of these works may hold additional rights to them which could preclude their use in other settings. Please contact the creators directly about such matters.

All files are encoded in MP3 format, unless otherwise noted.

If anyone would like to add, modify or delete their listing(s) in the gallery, simply e-mail us and we will do so. If you find yourself spurred to create a collage of your own, please submit an MP3 so we can expand the gallery.

There's no fun like subversive fun, and we hope you'll take some with you, but can you spare some change for the freight? All proceeds go directly into a special fund designated solely for bandwidth costs. Donations as low as $1 are greatly appreciated.

A Most Successful Formula (3:31, 1.7 MB)
Creator: Negativland
From the Album:

Armour Hot Kids (:59, 466K)
Creator: Stark Effect
From the Album:
Free Speech for Sale

Billyray's All-Purpose Product (2:22, 1.1 MB)
Creator: Animals Within Animals
From the Album:
Free Speech for Sale

Extra Sugar-Free Gum (:28, 226K)
Creator: Tim Maloney
From the Album:
Free Speech for Sale

Fibercon Faux Spot #2 (:32, 259K)
Creator: wxm

Hi, Bye (1:44, 823K)
Creator: Social Security
From the Album:
Free Speech for Sale

McDonalds and Gastric Distress (1:41, 796K)
Creator: Scumbag Bastard

Medicine Head 24 Hour (4:20, 2 MB)
Creator: Stop Children
From the Album:
Free Speech for Sale

My Mom Loves Nuts (1:08, 542K)
Creator: Pimpdaddysupreme

Nasdy (:54, 429K)
Creator: Social Security

Ocean Finance (:40, 635K)
Creator: Poison Popcorn

Pick Up the Phone (2:21, 1.1 MB)
Creator: Pimpdaddysupreme
From the Album:
Free Speech for Sale

Sales Technique (4:50, 2.3 MB)
Creator: Wobbly

SUV Love (2:55, 1.3 MB)
Creator: Skidmark Bob
Relies Heavily on Dana Lyons' "Lube the Red, White and Blue"

Theme from Cancer Country (6:38, 3.1 MB)
Creator: The Butthead Astronomers
From the Album:
Sunggle Reasons One: The Act of Snuggling

The Real Thing (1:40, 788K)
Creator: Stark Effect

The Transformed (Pitch) Man (2:01, 952K)
Creator: The Former Yugoslavia
From the Album:
Free Speech for Sale

We All Know That (3:24, 1.6 MB)
Creator: Hamburglers
From the Album:
Happy Meal