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Mbanna Kantako

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Here you can find all news and commentary audio produced by Mbanna Kantako and the rest of the Human Rights Information Network. These include both pre-produced shows as well as recordings of events that have taken place throughout the Network's history.

Evolution to Revolution
From the archives of Human Rights Radio - the Kantakos tape just about everything!

The Human Rights Patrol
Half-hour discussion and interview programs covering a variety of topics, most of them focused on issues of interest to Africans in America. The Human Rights Patrol also provides regular updates on the Network's "dance with the FCC."

The Human Rights Radio Archives
Collection of MP3s capturing the some events that have occurred in the pioneering microradio station's history.

HRR-Decatur Visited By FCC
(MP3, 5:55, 2.1 MB)
Listen online in RealAudio
On August 27, 2001, FCC Enforcement Agent Will Grey paid a visit to Human Rights Radio-Decatur, and got into an interesting discussion with the station operator, Lavell Johnson. For just a few seconds, it seemed that Agent Grey was beginning to "get it"...

The Federal Raid on Human Rights Radio
(MP3, 36:00, 16.7 MB)
On September 29, 2000, FCC agents and Federal Marshals raided Mbanna Kantako's home in Springfield, IL and confiscated all of Human Rights Radio's equipment. Fortunately, Mbanna had a tape recorder handy, and captured the entire encounter. Courtesy of - uploaded by Paul Riismandel of

Rockin' the Boat - Human Rights Radio Raided
(Part 1 - MP3, 14:31, 5.8 MB)
(Part 2 - MP3, 13:36, 5.4 MB)

This is an excerpt from V-Man's excellent news program on Freak Radio Santa Cruz. He interviewed Mbanna the day after the federal raid in September, 2000, and they discuss the station's long history and the conditions that led up to this bust. Courtesy of

From WTRA to Human Rights Radio
(Part 1 - MP3, 27:35, 9.5 MB)
(Part 2 - MP3, 28:30, 9.8 MB)
(Part 3 - MP3, 38:56, 13.4 MB)

Mbanna Kantako is usually a very quiet man who doesn't make a lot of public appearances. These recordings are from a rare presentation he made at the University of Illinois-Springfield campus on February 19, 1998. During this 90-minute talk, Kantako chronicles the more than a decade of micropower broadcasting he's been doing, and why it's necessary that more people take to the airwaves. Courtesy of