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For extended/more recent FCC coverage, see the News Archives.

1/8/06 - The Enforcement Action Database: An Overview - Methodological notes of interest about tracking FCC activity against pirate broadcasters.

1/6/05 - FCC Jurisdiction: Interstate Alone? - Exploring the conception that the FCC's authority begins at the state line.

7/20/04 - March of the Low-Band God Squad - News feature on the recent flood of FM translator stations; originally published in the Wisconsinite.
6/22/04 - Deep in the Lake - Exploring the growth of a "local" broadcast chain in Madison, WI; originally published in the Wisconsinite.

6/2/03 - The Deed is Done: FCC Lifts Most Media Ownership Restrictions
- It took only 90 minutes for the debate; calling the question took less than 15 seconds. Listen to the historic decision and read notable quotes from all involved.

10/10/02 - FCC Enforcement Bureau: Year Three Progress Report - The most notable excerpts from Deputy Chief Linda Blair's report on enforcement action against unlicensed broadcasters.
10/10/02 - FCC Adopts IBOC-DAB - Even though they don't exactly understand how it works, Commissioners approve a standard for digital radio.
2/5/02 - Stimulus/Response - The FCC begins to adapt to America's "war on terrorism," meaning unlicensed broadcasters will have to adapt. Some are already one step ahead...

9/18/01 - The FCC Awakens - It took the field agents long enough to get active this year, and now it seems like they're trying to make up for lost time.
7/31/01 - Enforcement Drought - Much like lizards, the FCC tends to get more active as the year gets warmer. This summer seems to be breaking the pattern...
6/5/01 - FCC: Still a Paper Tiger - Chairman Michael Powell presents his agency's budget to Congres. His testimony was full of confidence - but insinuations outweigh promises.
4/10/01 - FCC: New Faces, More Money - Republicans have assumed the majority at the Federal Communications Commission and a funding increase may be in the works.
3/20/01 - 2001 "Pirate Hunt" Begins - The first major slew of enforcement actions for the new year have been executed against unlicensed broadcasters around the country; the penalties include armed raids and jail time.

12/14/00 - FCC: More Bark than Bite? - The radio cops would like you to think they're winning the war on pirate broadcasting. A closer examination of their own documents gets us closer to the truth.
4/30/00 - The Carrot and the Stick - While the FCC makes moves to implement a legal low power FM radio service it is also planning further crackdowns on unlicensed broadcasting.
1/31/00 - Radio Cops: Beefup or Breakdown? -
A new "enforcement ethic" is being unveiled at the FCC; we examine the facts behind the rhetoric.

7/17/97 - Inspecting a Public File - The FCC considers rule changes that would take the public files of radio stations out of the hands of the public.
5/29/97 - The Hundt Follies - FCC Chairman Reed Hundt says farewell after presiding over the largest sellout of public spectrum in American history. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.