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Mbanna Kantako

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The sounds below represent a (mostly) musical tribute to the rogue radio broadcaster. Songs about or in support of pirate broadcasting. Therefore, they should become staples on every pirate's playlist. Then again, that might defeat the purpose...

No matter - give 'em a listen anyway. Suggestions are always appreciated.

There's no fun like subversive fun, and we hope you'll take some with you, but can you spare some change for the freight? All proceeds go directly into a special fund designated soley for bandwidth costs. Donations as low as $1 are greatly appreciated.

Compilations and Original Archives

Five Days Over Seattle
An audio document of free radio station Y2WTKO - broadcasting messages of resistance during the Battle of Seattle '99.

Mosquito Fleet Stings NAB
Interviews with microbroadcasters who conducted a mass occupation of Seattle's FM dial, as an act of resistance and education during the NAB's 2002 radio convention. Also includes the scathing "KJR Culture Jam" recording and aircheck material from participating stations.

Sounds of Shortwave
A massive four-volume sampling of catches from a Canadian DX'ers shack, circa 2000-2001. Shortwave piracy is certainly alive and kicking, these hours of audio stand testament.

Best of Free Radio Berkeley CD
An icon of America's free radio movement issues a jaunt down memory lane.

NAB Meets Media Democracy: Sounds from the Street
We were there in San Francisco for the 2000 festivities, and miked.

Guerrilla Love Radio 2001 Sampler CD
Chicago's most bombastic broadcasters provide highlights from a year of pirate life.

Ear Candy: Songs About Free Media

Anti-Flag: Underground Network
Slap around the corporate media with this punk-rock masterpiece.

Carol Denney: Set Your Radio Free
Folk anthem tells the story of micropower radio's resistance to the FCC.

Cheap Sex: Raped By the FCC
Experienced punk-rockers lament contemporary indecency crusade.

The Clash: This Is Radio Clash
Classic punk with multiple subtexts.

Countdown and the Blastoffs: Airwaves
Gratingly catchy, tweaking the nose of big media and their "masters."

David Rovics: Pirate Radio Song (Seize the Airwaves)
A masterful marching order for microradio stations everywhere.

Eric Idle: FCC Song
Python alum minces no words!

The Gods Hate Kansas: Never Start a Sentence With "My Old Rap Metal Band"
Lamentation of the state of radio, with a brief nod to the pirates who fought the good fight.

Gunnar Madsen: Don't Shake Hands With a One-Eyed Pirate
Acapella guru turns children's musician with unexpected twists along the way.

Gun Street Radio: Radio Caroline
Smooth rock tribute to Europe's most famous phenomenon of the offshore era.

Hot Water Music: Free Radio Gainesville
Local punks made good pay tribute to the microradio station that helped spread the word.

Jiker: Pirate Radio
Noisy nonsense from some of the funniest punks around.

John Hiatt: Pirate Radio
Unhappy with commercial radio? So is he.

Molotov Cocktail: FCC
You like that punk? How about: "F*ck the f*cking FCC; what have you done for me?" Sweet, to the point, and punk!

Mojo Nixon: Pirate Radio
Forget the law - pirates have Mojo on their side!

Pauline Black with Sunday Best: Pirates on the Airwaves
Lead singer of The Selecter kicks loose with a strange ditty...

Phil Free: Screw the FCC (Set Your Radio Free)
Remake of Carol Denney pays special homage to Free Radio Santa Cruz.

Popman with The Disciples: Pirate
Reggae-ish track begs for a more diverse dial.

Radio 213 Freestyle
Extemporaneous radio rhymes performed sometime, somewhere from the heart of L.A.

The Ramones: We Want the Airwaves
It's a classic, go figure.

Rage Against the Machine: Guerrilla Radio
Not a bad battle cry, if you ask me.

The Ray Gradys: Pirate Radio
True to the DIY spirit, fresh three-chord punk rawk.

Refused: Liberation Frequency
Our personal favorite.

The Roaring Sixties: We Love the Pirate Stations
The definitive anthem for the offshore scene of the 1960s.

Shabba Ranks: Pirates' Anthem
Straight-up props-giving to the vibrant UK scene by a Grammy Award-winner.

The Smugglers: Pirate Ships
Homage to those who actually took to the sea to let the rock flow.

Spearhead: Listener Supported
Telling it like it is doesn't get any better than this.

Steve Earle: F the CC
Rebel rock tells off various government acronym agencies.

Super Seed: Pirate Radio
Unknown band with a mostly unknown track, but it fits the bill for this collection.

The Toasters: Pirate Radio
Skank away to this ska tune!

Tool/Rage Against the Machine: You Can't Kill the Revolution
Bootlegged from a live show - not directly on-topic, but close enough.

Transfixr: No Radio God
Pure angst shrouds poetic philosophy.

U.K. Subs: Rebel Radio
Mainstay Brit punks declare war on the airwaves.

U. Utah Phillips: NPR Talkin' Blues
Recorded live from A Prairie Home Companion, of all places!

ZZ Top: Heard It On the X
Tribute to the Border Blasters from the bearded ones.