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For extended/more recent microradio coverage, see the News Archives.

10/22/04 - Making Waves - The award-winning documentary about three stations in Tucson and their connection to the larger U.S. microradio movement. Includes clickable clips (Quicktime required).
2/15/04 - The WNFC Manifesto - A twist on electronic civil disobedience: recruit a community to sponsor an unlicensed station as to demonstrate the power of LPFM, and see if the FCC's willing to take on the public en masse.

10/10/03 - Adelstein on Microradio: "Go For It" - After his rousing mouth harp performance at the National Conference on Media Reform, FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelsetein expressed tacit support for microbroadcasters as a force for positive change.

10/10/02 - FCC Enforcement Bureau: Year Three Progress Report
- The most notable excerpts from Deputy Chief Linda Blair's report on enforcement action against unlicensed broadcasters.
9/24/02 -
Mosquito Fleet Stings NAB - A comprehensive report on the direct action on Seattle's airwaves during the NAB's 2002 radio convention: Seattle got stung!

11/20/01 - Microradio: Moving Forward - The year of government action against microradio in review; now is the time to start thinking about future battles.
10/9/01 - Give Me Pirate Radio - Tom Ness' idea of a mass microradio turn-on in Detroit is further developed, in his own words. The closest thing that exists to a strategic manifesto.
10/2/01 - Tit for Tat - Could the terrorist hype have an effect on how the FCC views unlicensed broadcasting?
9/11/01 - A Modest Proposal - A Michigan LPFM activist wants to take electronic civil disobedience to a mass scale. It's bold - but is it doable?
8/13/01 - Scene Report: Tucson, Arizona - The bust of Free Radio Tucson, as reported by the station founder himself.
8/7/01 - The LPFM Backlash - After having the rugged pulled out from under them by a change in the rules - and a kick in the balls from Clear Channel - a former LPFM applicant flips the switch without permission.
7/3/01 - Telling it to the Judge - A summary of some of the most active microradio cases currently wending their way through the jungle of the federal judiciary.
6/19/01 - LPFM in Court - A microbroadcaster who's been slugging it out with the FCC for several years now may be on the verge of creating a new loophole for those excluded by the new LPFM service.
5/8/01 - Party Pirate Gives it Up? - There is only so much one man can take....
3/6/01 - Party Pirate Attacked Again; Former Pirate to get Second Station - More trouble in Tampa, and Allan Weiner is back in the news.

2000 -
Free Radio - A Documentary Video - Our review of the excellent doc Free Radio, shot and produced by Kevin Keyser. Well worth watching - article includes lots of clips (Realplayer required).
11/22/00 - Global Microradio - 2000 Flushes Pirate Radio is pioneering a creative use of the Internet as a way to increase access to the airwaves.
10/8/00 - Trading Shots With the FCC - Field agents attack the godfather of the modern microradio movement while two stations in Texas win a small victory in their lawsuits against the agency.
9/12/00 - The Dark Side Regroups - Developments in two legal battles involving microradio stations in Texas.
7/27/00 - Organized Resistance - The summer months have been alive with grassroots radio activists meeting and plotting strategy around the country. Here's a taste of what's been happening - and a glimpse toward a future convergence.
7/11/00 - New Strategy: First Moves - The Micropower Action Coalition's multiple tactics of resistance against the corporate media is getting its first real-world application.
6/28/00 - Broken Blackout Breaks Back - Napoleon Williams of Black Liberation Radio in Decatur, Illinois has had a checkered history with the authorities. Now he's on the run.
6/5/00 - Strategy Session - A Micropower Council of War meets to discuss responses to the FCC's impotent proposal to increase access to the airwaves.
3/6/00 - Party Pirate Gets Broadside -
Founder of Tampa, Florida's recalitrant 102.1 gets caught in an FCC sting: we have reaction from the man in the cross-hairs.

11/29/99 - Back in Black - Doug Brewer, the founder of Tampa's Party Pirate, explains his reasoning for risking the wrath of the federales again by going back on the air.
11/22/99 - Martyr No More - Tampa's Party Pirate, silenced for two years after a heavy-handed government raid, is back on the air in Florida!
11/6/99 - Same Old Story - Advocates for the legalization of low power FM radio might think they're blazing new trails; in reality they're assuming carrying on a long tradition of questioning authority on the airwaves.

11/1/99 - After the Bust - If you get caught broadcasting without a license, does that mean you can never broadcast legally? The FCC may like you to think so, but history tells a different story.
6/12/99 - What You Need - A very short primer into the basics of setting up a microradio station from the gear perspective.
4/11/99 - FRB is Back - Even though Stephen Dunifer may be unable to continue microradio broadcasting, the rest of the Free Radio Berkeley crew is anxious to get back in action.

12/3/98 - 1998=1984? - Suspicious email hints at microradio advocates being held legally liable.
9/17/98 - Risks and Strategies - Enlightened advice from a scholar of free media on the ups and downs of unlicensed broadcasting.
8/24/98 - Working the System - A proposal to adopt new tactics in the microradio struggle.
7/28/98 - Call for Direct Action - Black Liberation Radio (Tennessee) calls on microbroadcasters to turn up the heat after getting beat down.
6/28/98 - Body Blows - A bad spot for microradio in the courts and on the street.
6/7/98 - NABing the Airwaves -
Inside the "pirate radio" panel at the National Association of Broadcasters' annual convention.
4/17/98 - Stephen Dunifer's Briefing Paper - The difference between Part 73 and Part 15 of the FCC's rules, and what it means to you.
3/19/98 - Radio Mutiny on Tour -
West Philly pirates hit the open road spreading knowledge and (RF) energy in their wake.

11/13/97 - Free Radio Berkeley Wins Round in Court - A district court judge refuses to let the FCC shut Stephen Dunifer down. Time to watch the worms fly!
10/16/97 - NAB Declares War; Dunifer's Response - The National Association of Broadcasters urges all of its members to go hunting for "pirates." Time to rally the microradio movement...