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For extended/more recent LPFM coverage, see the News Archives.

3/1/05 - Religious Broadcasting As Franchise Operation -
A closer look at the commodification of FM translators reveals a larger dimension to the proliferation of religious radio networks, and Calvary Chapel in particular, including a somewhat startling link between some of the various Chapels and their broadcast operations.
2/25/05 - God Squads Fall From Grace - FM channels are being bought and sold that would otherwise have been given away for community radio use.

7/6/04 - Translator Invasion's Impact on LPFM Quantified - Eye-opening statistics from REC Networks glimpse the preliminary impact of a translator flood on the availability of LPFM frequencies.

10/2/03 - Smokin' Klose - National Public Radio President Kevin Klose pays a visit to DIYmedia's hometown, which allows for a chance to give him some public hot-seat action about NPR's opposition to LPFM.

12/5/01 - LPFM: Crowded Field, Slim Pickings - Those who've taken the leap of faith and applied for a low power radio license are finding roadblocks along the way in the most unusual places.
8/7/01 - The LPFM Backlash - After having the rugged pulled out from under them by a change in the rules - and a kick in the balls from Clear Channel - a former LPFM applicant flips the switch without permission.
6/19/01 - LPFM in Court - A microbroadcaster who's been slugging it out with the FCC for several years now may be on the verge of creating a new loophole for those excluded by the new LPFM service.
5/15/01 - Parting Ways - As momentum gathers under the rollout of the FCC's minimized LPFM service, its ties to the microradio movement are written out of its history.
5/1/01 - A Slow Demise? - While the FCC continues to trickle out construction permits, Chairman Michael Powell is sending mixed signals about LPFM's future.

4/17/01 - The Lucky 25 - Finally, some real action: FCC issues first batch of LPFM station construction permits.
4/3/01 - LPFM Lurches Forward - After several months of delay, the FCC takes a step forward in implementing low power radio.
3/6/01 - LPFM: Back from the Dead? - Can John McCain breathe new life into low power radio?
2/20/01 - Low Power Limbo - The rollout of new LPFM stations is much slower than expected, and the political and bureaucratic momentum is not swinging in our favor.
1/1/01 - New Year: Same Game - What a difference a year can make. How has the microradio landscape changed in the last tumultuous 12 months, and has it been for the better or worse?

12/19/00 - Screwed! - Congress does the deed, attaching a rider to a federal budget bill that eviscerates the new LPFM service.
11/28/00 - Moment of Truth -
LPFM's fate will be decided by Congressional fiat at any moment. If the service survives, the broadcast industry ready to pounce.
10/29/00 - Overtime - Congress sends a bill to squelch low power radio to the White House as an attachment to federal spending.
10/18/00 - Inside the Smoke-Filled Room - An explanation of how the broadcast industry will eviscerate LPFM using a "killer amendment" to the federal budget.
10/8/00 - Trading Shots - After getting shouted down in San Francisco, the radio industry rallies back in its drive to kill LPFM.
9/12/00 - Senate Moves to Kill - Less than ten votes now separate low power radio from potential death.
8/1/00 - On the Cusp - The broadcast industry takes to the home stretch in its fight to kill off low power radio.
6/18/00 - Cannibalism at its Best - Dissent and divisiveness within the ranks of LPFM advocates shows the pluses and minuses of a diverse base of support.
5/28/00 - The McCain Mystery - Once-ardent foe of microradio appears to be coming around to support LPFM. Is it a true change of heart, or are there ulterior motives?
5/8/00 - The Senate Skirmish - Having conquered the House of Representatives, the broadcast industry turns its attention to the Senate in the war to kill low power radio.
4/13/00 - Halfway Dead - The House of Representatives votes overwhelmingly to kill LPFM; we have a summary of the action with clips of the debate.
4/2/00 - Dueling Editorials, Round Two - More industry anti-LPFM propaganda masquerades as news - we provide another antidote.
3/25/00 - Calling the Bluff - The NAB misleads Congress on the LPFM issue - to the point of perjury?
2/26/00 - Asking for More - One of LPFM's most instrumental proponents is having second thoughts about the FCC's new proposal.
2/20/00 - Propaganda - One month after the FCC legalizes LPFM, the National Association of Broadcasters begins a massive propaganda and lobbying effort for a Congressional override. Listen to our copy of the NAB's infamous "LPFM Interference CD."
2/13/00 - Multiple Threats - The broadcast lobby is gearing up both in Congress and in court to overturn the FCC's LPFM decision, and pay-to-pray religious broadcasters are gobbling up what space exists.
1/23/00 - All's Not Well - The FCC may be gearing up to implement low power radio, but its extinction is a possibility from other dangers.
1/20/00 - FCC Legalizes FM - Summary of the program's initial rule with reactions from each Commissioner. Real Audio required.
1/18/00 - A Chat with Harold - EXCLUSIVE - Harold Furchtgott-Roth visits town on the eve of the FCC's LPFM vote, we get one last chance to pick his brains and pitch the case.

1/16/00 - Square One - On the cusp of the FCC's LPFM vote - will it be worth the fight?

12/6/99 - Radio - With Video? - KZND in Anchorage, Alaska may be airing an alternative music format, but only after masquerading as a low-power TV station. How did they do it?
11/18/99 - The End-Run Begins -
Just days after the FCC closes the public comment on the LPFM proposal, a supposed representative of the people introduces legislation in Congress to abort the idea.
11/16/99 - Official Reply Comments on LPFM - Filed with the FCC to clarify some positions and refute others.
8/20/99 - The Road Ahead - The FCC's public comment deadline on low power radio petitions has closed. We sample the comments filed for a flavor of the arguments both for and against.
7/31/99 - Official Comments on LPFM - Filed with the FCC as it considers MM 99-25, the official proposal for a new low power radio service.
6/21/99 - Legislative Maneuvers - While the broadcast industry lobbies nationally to stop the creation of low power radio, its advocates lobby in grassroots style and rack up an impressive list of supporters.
5/2/99 - Time's Running Out - There's still a chance to get your public comments on the record in the FCC's low power FM radio proposed rulemaking. We've got pointers on what to say, how to say it, and how to file comments with the Commission.
4/24/99 - The True Face of the Dark Side -
NAB censors webcast of FCC Chairman William Kennard's speech, neatly excising his admonishment of the industry for opposing LPFM.
4/17/99 - Beware the Propaganda - The NAB is seeding newspapers with a "sample editorial" - we have a counterpoint culled from theirs.
3/21/99 - Less is More - The potential in a 10-watt radio station...

3/16/99 - First Skirmish - Enemies of legal low power radio maneuver for the high ground.
3/7/99 - Gaining Speed - The broadcast lobby rolls out its "Spectrum Integrity Task Force" in the fight against LPFM.
2/27/99 - The Brewing Congressional Conflict - Proponents of LPFM rush to its defense in Congress as the broadcast industry begins its full-court press.
2/14/99 - An Enemy End Run - Less than a month into the FCC's LPFM rulemaking process, and the NAB's already preparing to turn the screws in Congress.
1/29/99 - It's Only Just Begun - The FCC has officially begun the rulemaking process on low power FM. Where do we go from here? The road is long and hard...

11/16/98 - Greasing the Wheel -
Scouting out support in Washington, D.C. for a run at legalizing low power radio. The first comprehensive reportback on getting the process started.
11/1/98 - Controversy in Michigan - Resolutions are pending in front of the state legislature asking both houses to endorse the concept of low power radio.
7/12/98 - Those Opposed - Tymon summarizes several of the initial comments filed in opposition to the FCC's licensing of low power radio.
7/5/98 - Those in Favor - Philip Tymon of the National Lawyer's Guild provides a snapshot of early commenters in favor of petitions in front of the FCC to legalize low power FM.
5/15/98 - No More Mickey Mouse Microradio - Pete triDish provides a well-articulated vision for what any new low power radio service should be.
4/30/98 - The Opposition is Getting Jumpy - Radio industry exec blast-faxes stations urging massive anti-LPFM lobbying. Why not slip a check or two as well?
4/10/98 - Stop the Insanity! - The original FCC petitioners for LPFM ask the agency to call a cease-fire in its war on microbroadcasters.
3/12/98 - RM-9208 Petitioners Talk Back - Those who helped get the LPFM ball rolling file additional comments with the FCC on the subject of "pirate" broadcasting.
3/6/98 - Counting Your Chickens - The simple of idea of legal low-power radio has people reaching for the microphone. Not so fast...