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NAB Meets Media Democracy: Sounds of San Francisco

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Photo Gallery NAB Meets Media Democracy - Index

The Sounds of San Francisco, 9/20-23, 2000:
Media Democracy Marches On

Download Instructions:
Audio is available in two formats -
MP3 and Real Audio (RA).
Click the applicable links to either download the MP3 file or stream the Real Audio one.

RA Larry Shaw and the Kings of Slow: "Who Owns Your Dial?"

MP3 (Download Sound) (985K, 2:05)

Local artists Larry Shaw and the Kings of Slow wrote this song just a couple of days before they played it live for all to hear.

RA Jello Biafra: The NAB

MP3 (Download Sound) (8 MB, 17:21)

Jello's built quite a spoken-word career for himself since the Dead Kennedys broke up, and this is a good example why. These words prompted the showdown at the Hilton.

RA Post-performance Jello

MP3 (Download Sound) (268K, :34)

After his performance rant, I cornered him and asked him for his thoughts about the future of pirate radio...

RA Company of Prophets: Concert Set

MP3 (Download Sound) (7 MB, 15:15)

Rap is poetry just dancing to a different drummer. 

This duo lit up the night with some killer beats and conscious lyrics. Feel the power while you fight it.

RA Stephen Dunifer: Micropower Council of War Demands

MP3 (Download Sound) (1.4 MB, 2:56)

Free Radio Berkeley founder Stephen Dunifer reads the list of demands from the latest Micropower Council of War meeting.

RA Dunifer: Advice for New Broadcasters

MP3 (Download Sound) (1.1 MB, 2:15)

Dunifer advocates going to one-off broadcasting to spread the word - if you're worried about attracting attention, just hit and run!

RA Dunifer: The Future of Free Radio

MP3 (Download Sound) (400K, :51)

The FCC can pat itself on the back for creating low power radio, but Dunifer could care less.

RA Margot Pepper: Ode to Corporate Media

MP3 (Download Sound) (1.9 MB, 4:03)

A powerful reading by local poet Margot Pepper at the Saturday pre-march rally.

RA Howard Sternum

MP3 (Download Sound) (308K, :39)

If only the real Howard was this funny - and this truthful - in the real world...

RA Patricia Ireland on Pirate Radio

MP3 (Download Sound) (721K, :46)

The NOW Foundation President has some words of encouragement for free radio activists...

RA Lockdown Status Report

MP3 (Download Sound) (210K, :26)

Still encased in Cryptonite, but the buzzaw is on its way..

RA Steve Randall: They're YOUR Airwaves!

MP3 (Download Sound) (228K, :29)

FAIR Senior Analyst was one of those arrested for protesting on Friday, 9/22 - he was charged with "jaywalking."

RA Steve Rendall: Free Media is a Human Right

MP3 (Download Sound) (344K, :43)

If it's good enough for the rest of the world...

More Audio From The NAB 2000 Protests