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This is a gallery of collage derived from the utterings of media celebrities, created by artists from around the planet. While these files are being made freely available here, the creators of these works may hold additional rights to them which could preclude their use in other settings. Please contact the creators directly about such matters.

All files are encoded in MP3 format, unless otherwise noted.

If anyone would like to add, modify or delete their listing(s) in the gallery, simply e-mail us and we will do so. If you find yourself spurred to create a collage of your own, please submit an MP3 so we can expand the gallery.

There's no fun like subversive fun, and we hope you'll take some with you, but can you spare some change for the freight? All proceeds go directly into a special fund designated solely for bandwidth costs. Donations as low as $1 are greatly appreciated.

Those who are easily offended by heavy doses of irony should probably leave now. You may also hear the occasional cuss word in some translations: you have been warned.

Dan Rather (5 links)
Mr. American Newsman gets his come-uppance.

Glenn Beck (3 links)
Armageddon crybaby just asks for it.

Rush Limbaugh (3 links)
This is your brain...this is your brain on right-wing hyprocrisy.

Bill O'Reilly (3 links)
Don't cut off his mic - he's too hilarious!

Paul Harvey (3 links)
Golden throat, meet sonic grinder!

Stephen Colbert (2 links)
Faux-publican commentator has zingers galore in non-mixed mode. Remixed? Another dimension.

Debbie Gibson/Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Think Big (2:56, 1.4 MB)
The Bran Flakes
From: I Remember When I Break Down

This one should be pretty self-explanatory.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Dr. Laura's Rap (4:39, 2.2 MB)
National Cynical Network
Favorite Quote: "Subscribe to the Dr. Laura Perspective and arm yourself with unsavory influences."

Kurt Loder
Loder Runner (2:23, 1.1 MB)
Social Security
From: The Droplift Project

Martha Stewart
Unknown Title (:49, 389K)
Favorite Quote: "Look at that amazing white flesh. Easy access."

Michael Moore
Shame on You Mr. Bush (2:25, 2.3 MB)
Creator: Unknown
Source Material:
Mostly from Moore's Oscar acceptance speech, March 24, 2003

Tom Brokaw
WTO Beat (2:12, 1.1 MB)
Scumbag Bastard

Rupert Murdoch
Murdoch Select Committee Hearing 2011 (1:32, YouTube Link)
Poison Popcorn
Very subtle digs at Rupert and James' hubris.

Vincent Price
On Boys (1:42, 803 K)
Favorite Quote: "The easy way is to stab them one at a time with a fork and heat them over a gas flame on the stove until the skin bursts. It then peels right off. (laughs) What fun."

Lawrence Welk
Welk Evil (1:16, 1.2 MB)
Big City Orchestra
Strange quasi-tirade against the welfare state as a threat to America.

Noam Chomsky
Domestic Enemy (4:14, 3.9 MB)
Collage by Chris Burke, music by X, produced by Don Was
Radical f*cking philosophy set to punk f*cking rock!