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General Pointers
(good for "newbies")

Moving Onto the Airwaves
A simple comic setting the record straight on the relative risks of microbroadcasting; includes a plug for Free Radio Berkeley gear.

How to Create a Pirate Radio Station
A plain-english, bare-bones explanation of the gear you will need to do it right, courtesy of KBFR's progenitor.

How to be an FM Radio Pirate
An extremely comprehensive guide to getting on the air in FM, lessons learned "from bitter experience."

How to be a MW Radio Pirate
If you're thinking of trying AM broadcasting, read this first.
"The Reference for Legal Low Power Part 15 Radio Broadcasting."

Radio is our Bomb
The classic Irish pamphlet on starting a pirate station, widely circulated around the world, more political than technical.

Hoisting the Jolly Roger or The Birth of a Station
"Intro to advanced anti-organizational science in theory and practice," from the Amsterdam Radio Cookbook.

Rogue Radio: Creative Concepts for Funding your Micro Radio Station
A wonderful primer into station fundraising. If you're planning a community-oriented operation, this is required reading.

Pirate Radio Survival Guide
Giving shortwave broadcast tips since 1996.

DIY Net.Radio - A Guide
Simple primer on the components needed to stream online.
"Free instructional aid to pirate radio" enthusiasts. Mostly notes to self at the moment.

Technical Tips

First Steps in Radio
A beautifully-designed and very comprehensive technical zine into FM broadcasting. The closest thing to a "field manual" that exists - well worth the download. MAD props to Justin Disruption for all the hard work.

Micropower Broadcasting: A Technical Primer
Published by Free Radio Berkeley.

Pirate Radio Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
A good beginner's how-to on the technical side of FM broadcasting.

VHF Pirate Radio Electronics - An Introduction
Very thorough explanation of all the necessary equipment needed to broadcast properly.

Low Power Radio Blog
Massive archive of original articles, transmitter reviews, and much more.

LPAM Handbook
Kyle Drake's lovingly-crafted must-read manual for anyone really serious about LPAM broadcasting.

REC Networks Open-Frequency Channel Search
Allows for the finding of frequencies that may be considered "open" had the FCC's original LPFM proposals become law.

Anonymity for Pirate Operators and Listeners - The internet's a great tool for both, but provides more information about you than you may realize. This is a good primer for ops and their audience about muddying one's online tracks. (Jul. 19)

Phrack: The Basics of Radio
Handy FAQ about RF theory from classic hackers.

Options for antennas, masts and towers
Helpful tutorial from the Prometheus Radio Project; includes link to pictures demonstrating the tips in action.

Calculating Antenna Length for FM Broadcasting
Find the proper length for your homebrew FM antenna design by following these three simple steps of mathematics.

NRG Kits Workshop - Kit Building Advice
A pretty graphic example the right and wrong ways to assemble a radio kit - these common fundamentals apply to any kit-building project.

Good synopsis of which bands are most conducive to broadcasting and what power/antenna combinations are acceptable; hopes to build into a "one stop shop" for Part 15 enthusiasts.

Find Unused FM Frequencies In Your Area
For help with tuning your mini-watt transceivers (in-car, in-house) to not interfere with local stations, which may overpower them.

Bob Simpleton's Guide to Transmitter Range
Contains a very simple chart for providing an educated guess on how far an FM signal will travel, given its power and antenna height. Make sure to read the usage instructions!

Introduction to Soldering
A must-read if you're building your own gear!

The Basic Soldering & Desoldering Guide
The better you master the technique, the easier it becomes to build your own radio gear.

Electronic Construction from A to Z
A multi-part tutorial that will walk you through the basics to building your own gear and maintaining the quality of your creation.