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Feature: Mosquito Fleet Stings NAB
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"Mosquito Fleet" of Microbroadcasters Occupy Seattle FM Dial During NAB Radio Convention, September 10-15, 2002

Operational Analysis - Behind the mics: a reportback on the fleet's activities

Sounds of Seattle - Programming excerpts from the fleet and perspectives from participants

Photo Gallery - Images from the tactical battlefield

Featured Documents:
SAMBA Mosquito Fleet Listening Guide (PDF: Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
Useful to both listeners and broadcasters, this was the manifesto of the event.

First Steps in Radio (PDF: Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
A beautifully-designed and very comprehensive technical primer into FM broadcasting. The closest thing to a "field manual" that exists - WELL worth the download. MAD props to Justin Disruption for all the hard work.

Other Coverage of the Mosquito Fleet/Reclaim the Media! Events:

The "official" Reclaim the Media! counter-conference website
Seattle IMC:
Media Politics - Tackling the NAB (8/21) Preview of Reclaim the Media Conference (8/23)
Seattle IMC: Justice Airwaves Mobilization 101.1 FM Seattle 9/11-14 (9/9)
Seattle IMC: 20 Minutes of Weekday, KUOW (9/11)
Seattle IMC: microBLAST! 2002 (9/11) EBB Microradio Air Check Seattle (9/12)
Seattle IMC: Justice Airwaves Mobilization on 101.1 FM Relayed by Radio X (9/12)
Seattle IMC: Justice Airwaves Mobilization takes it to the Shortwaves (9/12) Live Report from Reclaim the Media (9/13)
Urbana/Champaign IMC:
Negativland Uses Mosquito Fleet to Bite Clear Channel and the NAB (9/13)
Seattle IMC: Prometheus/Cheap Channel Storm the NAB (9/13)
Seattle IMC:
Reclaim the Media Photographs (9/13)
Seattle Times:
Broadcast power held by too few, critics say (9/14)
Seattle IMC: NAB Protest Makes Trade Magazines (9/14)
Seattle IMC: Renowned journalists preach democratic media at a packed Seattle Town Hall (9/14)
Seattle IMC: Counter NAB: 16 Billboards "Liberated" (9/15) Micro Radio and Free Speech vs. Corporate Media (9/15)
Seattle IMC: NAB Demo Footage (9/15)
Seattle IMC:
microBLAST! 2002 UPDATE (9/16)
Seattle IMC: Photos and MP3s from Reclaim the Media/NAB Protest (9/18) The Success of Free Radio Austin and their FCC Bust (9/20)
Seattle Weekly: Inside Radio (9/25)
The Stranger: Radio Static (9/25) Reclaim the Media: Four Conversations on Media and Democracy (9/25)
Seattle IMC: Large Photos from Reclaim the Media/NAB Protest (9/26) Monkey Business Behind the Curtain at Clear Channel (9/27) Macaroni Awards 2002 (9/29) Radio Killed the Radio Star (10/1) Ron Sakolsky - Surrealist Subversions (10/1) Three Speakers on Media and Democracy (10/1) Two More Conversations on Media and Democracy (10/2)
Keynote addresses from Reclaim the Media: a Community Media Convergence (10/3)