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DXing Metasites
The AM and FM DX'ers Resource

Find station listings, check propagation conditions on various bands, and much more here.

Antenna Special - On
Plethora of help for both broadcasters and DXers alike, with plans and advice on dozens of antennas of all shapes and sizes.

The Wide, Wide World of Radio
An excellent site full of advice and basic information on getting the best out of your radio listening experience, especially focused on the AM and shortwave bands.

Shortwave Listening
Radio Netherlands: Antenna Advice
Helpful page explains how listeners can get the most out of shortwave broadcasting.

The Ever-Popular Inverted "L" Antenna
From Radio Habana Cuba, a simple plan for a quick-to-assemble and cheap shortwave listening antenna.

The Broomstick Special
Step-by-step instructions on how to build this easy shortwave antenna.

How to Build the TTFD-2
Radio Habana Cuba document quite helpful for building your own Tilted Terminated Folded Dipole, great for shortwave broadcasting and reception.

Simplest Antenna Tuner
Four parts is all it takes to build a component that'll help you reel in weak signals on your shortwave receiver

AM Listening
NRG Kits Workshop: Directional MW Loop Receiving Aerial
Simple design will improve AM reception dramatically.

AM Box Loop Antennas
Good place to start for making basic modifications to your receiver setup.

The Dual-Gate MOSFET Active Antenna
Enhance selectivity and eliminate AM overload with this active antenna design.

FM Listening
KYES Antenna Index
A very handy page of tips and advice on improving FM/TV reception and eliminating interference.

FM reception tips
Or, "Wave magnets for the masses: how to absorb more FM."

AM/FM/SW Active Antenna
Build and connect this component between your receiver and current antenna and experience improved reception capability, can be powered off a simple 9-volt battery.

The Finco FM-5 Antenna
Design for a quality Yagi-style antenna great for FM DXing.