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The Offshore Radio Guide - From extensive histories to the latest news, you can find just about anything you desire here - it's the grandaddy.

Pirate Radio Of The Offshore Kind - Features lots of offshore broadcasters -- pics and history-intensive.

Anorak's Archive - Large pictures and lots of facts about many of the offshore players and stations during their heyday.

The Radio Program
This YouTube user channel has an impressive list of documentaries, especially with regard to offshore pirate radio.

Radio Musications: Offshore Radio - A collection of articles covering several aspects of the European offshore era, from infrastructure to notable names.

Hoods Up - It's Alan's Radio Pages - Major archive of history on the UK scene - complete with lots of audio and pics.

Bob Le-Roi - Amazing collection of offshore photos and audio clips, with extensive commentary.

Index of Offshore Radio Homepages - Includes movies with Radio London & Caroline, also some excellent info on Radio Syd and Radio Nord.

Pirate Alley UK - Features extensive information on the "third wave" of offshore pirates, including Radios Caroline and London.

Offshoreradio Club
Pictures and links to news clips about past offshore stations.

Offshoreradio Web Log
Collecting the online memorabilia of the offshore years; mostly in Dutch.

Specific Station Sites
The Internet Home of Radio London - 'Big L' - The most comprehensive source of information on Radio London's past, present and future.

Offshore 98 - This 50-hour station broadcast during the Easter holiday of 1999.

Maunsell Army Sea Forts
Some of these WWII-era structures later served as bases of operation for pirate radio stations.

Arutz 7 - The snazzy home of Israel's most famous offshore broadcaster.

The Official Radio Caroline Website - The full story about the most popular offshore station in history.

Caroline in the 70s - Norman Barrington, one of the original Radio Caroline presenters, maintains this comprehensive archive of the popular station's glory days.