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George W. Bush Novelty and Nonsense, Page 4
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If anyone would like to add, modify or delete their listing(s) in the gallery, simply e-mail us and we will do so. If you find yourself spurred to create a translation of your favorite politician's rhetoric, please submit an MP3 so we can expand the gallery.

Those who are easily offended by heavy doses of irony should probably leave now. You may also hear the occasional cuss word in some translations: you have been warned.
Hard Work (2:15, 2.1 MB) 
Creator: National Cynical Network
Source Material: Unknown
Music: Perrey & Kingsley, "Swan's Splashdown"
More stupidity set to a proper soundtrack.
Hard Work (Mixed Messages) (5:45, 5.3 MB) 
Creator: Smoothouse
Source Material: Various 2004 presidential debates (?)
Rumble-mumble set to a dynamic beat flow.
It Didn't Happen (3:16, 3 MB) 
Creator: MC Articulate
Source Material: Unknown
GWB meets Foghorn Leghorn.
The Joy of Hanukah (1:21, 1.3 MB) 
Creator: Scott Walmsley
Source Material: Unknown
Favorite Quote: "I couldn't imagine somebody like Osama Bin Laden understanding the joy of Hanukah." Yes, this is apparently a real quote.
Junior (4:29, 4.2 MB) 
Creator: Bob Parker
Source Material: Unknown/Various
Favorite Quote: "Any attempt to protect every child in America will meet my veto. So I urge you to pass legislation to reward those who break our laws."
Mixed Messages (5:38, 5.2 MB) 
Creator: Namaste
Source Material: Unknown
Favorite Quote: "This is the wrong war at the wrong time at the right wrong place."
My Name is rx (3:43, 3.5 MB) 
Creator: rx
Source Material: Various
Favorite Quote: "In today's world, direct communication is a ticket to success."
Rolling Stones plus Eminem plus GWB, kind of...
Non-Variant (:59, 931K) 
Creator: Toe
Source Material: Unknown
Favorite Quote: "Iran is not Iraq."
The Plan (2:54, 2.7 MB) 
Creator: Frenz
Source Material: Unknown
Favorite Quote: "It's a good idea. And we're doing just that."
Purge the System (3:08, 2.9 MB) 
Creator: Dashauer
Source Material: Unknown/Various
Almost-random bits ever-looping with selected GWB toss-ins (and a special cameo from Dad).

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