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If anyone would like to add, modify or delete their listing(s) in the gallery, simply e-mail us and we will do so. If you find yourself spurred to create a translation of your favorite politician's rhetoric, please submit an MP3 so we can expand the gallery.

Those who are easily offended by heavy doses of irony should probably leave now. You may also hear the occasional cuss word in some translations: you have been warned.
Bush Press Conference (2:31, 2.4 MB) 
Creator: National Corporate Radio
Source Material: Unknown
From: Our News, For You
Favorite Quote: Unnamed 'reporter': "Mr. President, how do respond to the criticism that you have a tendency to procrastinate?" GWB: "I don't like it a bit. And I'm gonna talk about it tomorrow. And tomorrow I'm going to talk about some specifics, and I'd rather save those for tomorrow."
Bush Whacked (3:46, 1.6 MB) 
Creator: Speak Freaker
Source Material: Unknown/Various
Favorite Quote: The rhythmical choruses of "um"s.
Deck The Halls (1:22, YouTube Link) 
Creator: rx
Source Material: Unknown/Various
GWB does the famous Christmas carol, with a Republican choir backing him up.
George the Genius (5:21, 4.9 MB) 
Creator: J. Buckley
Source Material: Unknown
Favorite Quote: "Only in America would anybody call her Mom."
Happy RxMas & A Whole Lotta Love (3:26, 3.2 MB) 
Video Version (3:19, YouTube link)

Creator: rx
Source Material: Unknown/Various
Prez does calls for peace and justice, slipping a bit of Zeppelin in on the side.
Imagine This (4:32, 4.2 MB) 
Creator: Wax Audio
Source Material: Unknown/Various
GWB does John Lennon!
Imagine...Walk on the Wild Side (3:00, 2.8 MB) 
Video Version (3:00, 9.7 MB)

Creator: rx
Source Material: Unknown
Master mashup action featuring The Beatles and Lou Reed - with GWB on vocals!
Inner Side #58 (29:55, 20.6 MB) 
Creator: Norton Scooter
Source Material: Unknown/Various
Stream of Bush-splice with poignant music.
Kick In the Bush (2:08, 2 MB) 
Creator: Drumaddikt
Source Material: Unknown
Favorite Quote: "For many years our nation has been working to prevent freedom."
My Generation (2:57, 2.8 MB) 
Creator: rx
Source Material: Unknown/Various
Favorite Quote: "Give the man a blunt."
GWB dabbles with the Who; the Clintons interject from time to time, too.

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