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Mbanna Kantako/Human Rights Radio:
Let Us Loose

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Mbanna Kantako

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Produced November, 2001

Yet another one of Mbanna's daughters is getting in on the solo act - Ebony Kantako, who's performed on every album with sister Konnadi and a crew of several others, is the featured voice on Let Us Loose.

The common theme is justice. The message is confrontational, but (as always) it's sincere. The musical structure is largely unchanged from previous albums, with some tracks overlapping. "Gotta Get Those Human Rights," however, is a departure from the norm.

Mbanna himself also puts in a cameo on "Anti-Human Uncle Sam."

1. Let Us Loose (5:54, 2.8 MB)
2. Time for Reparations (5:34, 2.6 MB)
3. Satans Clowns (5:52, 2.7 MB)
4. No Not Egyptians (5:37, 2.6 MB)
5. Mind Know Thyself (6:32, 3 MB)
6. Patty Rollers (5:34, 2.6 MB)
7. Gotta Get Those Human Rights (6:31, 3 MB)
8. Wiggers (5:27, 2.5 MB)
9. Satans Fall (5:53, 2.7 MB)
10. Human Rights On the Line (5:31, 2.6 MB)
11. Burn the Devil With Truth (5:48, 2.7 MB)
12. It's Time (7:09, 3.3 MB)
13. Anti-Human Uncle Sam (5:51, 2.7 MB)