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Steve Earle: F the CC

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From The Revolution Starts...Now

Sing along: lyrics here!

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A rebel all his life, Steve Earle has not necessarily mellowed with age. He knows what it's like to live hard, and almost died young: fortunately for us, he's one of those folks for whom a stint behind bars actually served as a "rehabilitation" of sorts.

There's an infectious mix of rock and country in Earle's style, and through it he expresses frustrations and hopes alike. One may say that his 2004 release, The Revolution Starts...Now, is more frustration than hope, but Earle doesn't see it this way.

In a retrospective about the album's production (during which all but two songs were recorded in 24 hours), Earle writes:

The Constitution of The United States of America is a REVOLUTIONARY document in every sense of the word. It was designed to evolve, to live, and to breathe like the people that it governs. It is, ingeniously, and perhaps conversely, resilient enough to change with the times in order to meet the challenges of its third century and rigid enough to preserve the ideals that inspired its original articles and amendments. As long as we are willing to put in the work required to defend and nurture this remarkable invention of our forefathers, then I believe with all my heart that it will continue to thrive for generations to come. Without our active participation, however, the future is far from certain.

"F the CC" also attacks two other notorious three-letter acronyms: the FBI and CIA. Those who flinch at cursing should probably simply move along - the rest of us will find this an energizing tune.