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Sounds of Shortwave: Volume 1

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They have always been a special breed of radio pirate; taking the time and trouble not only to flaunt the law, but to develop extremely creative radio shows in the process.

Shortwave radio pirates are not easy to listen to, nor are they easy to tune in. Sometimes, as you can hear below, you've literally got to pick the pirate out of the noise. But the patience is often worth it.

The audio featured below comes to us courtesy of Alex Draper, an avid shortwave pirate DXer in Ontario, Canada. All of it was recorded from Alex's home listening station during the 2001 DXing season; he regularly posts recent catches on his own website as well.

WARNING: Those who are easily offended by adult language (or may be humor-impaired) should not venture any further. The mind of a shortwave pirate is often a decidedly twisted one; you have been warned.

All sound files are in MP3 format. Many are large - patience for the download time (or a faster connection) is recommended.

If you are a pirate DXer and have any corrections or additions to make to the list (station identification, time of broadcast, etc.) please email us. We'll gladly post other pirate DX catches, so if you catch a snippet of shortwave action, let us know!

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Name Time File Size Recorded
Amiga Computer-Generated Radio 32:39 11.3 MB 2001
Blind Faith Radio 21:33 7.5 MB 2001
Crunch Radio 14:59 5.2 MB 2001
Crunch Radio 1:01:29 21.2 MB 2001
Freebase Radio 13:25 4.7 MB 2001
Freedom 40 9:15 3.2 MB 2001
He-Man Radio 28:51 10 MB 2001
KIPM 57:50 19.9 MB 2001
KTVI 23:12 8 MB 2001
Melvins Radio 11:57 4.2 MB 2001
MIDI Radio 13:24 4.7 MB 11/11/01
Oxycontin Radio 34:24 11.9 MB 12/23/01
Oxycontin Radio 55:08 19 MB 2001
Punk AM 12:58 4.5 MB 2001
Radio A 15:11 5.3 MB 2001
Radio Free Euphoria 23:28 8.1 MB 2001
Radio Free Helga 5:58 2.1 MB 2001
Radio Free Speech 24:15 8.4 MB 2001
Radio Free Speech 11:14 8.9 MB 2001
Radio Tornado 28:19 9.8 MB 2001
Radio Tornado 28:13 9.8 MB 2001
Sycko Radio 29:44 10.3 MB 2001
Unknown 33:04 11.4 MB 2001
Unknown 4:29 1.6 MB 2001
Unknown 19:21 6.7 MB 2001
WHYP 13:48 4.8 MB 2001
WLIS 17:36 6.1 MB 2001
WMOE :32 190 KB 2001
WPAT 13:57 4.9 MB 2001
WRAY 24:16 8.4 MB 2001

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