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Feature: Official Comments on LPFM

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If you haven't filed comments with the FCC on MM-9925, the proposal for creation of a low power FM radio service, your time is running out.  Comments must be in the hands of the Commission by August 2.  They don't have to be as detailed as these, but you should send in something, even if it's a one-sentence email saying "I think LPFM is a good idea."

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! So far more than 900 comments have been filed on the LPFM proposal, and the vast majority are in favor of the idea.

These comments are officially filed! Now, onto the fun:

Before the
The Portals
445 Twelfth Street S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20554

 (In the Matter of      MM 99-25
(Creation of a       RM-9208;
 (Low Power Radio Service    RM-9242



I. Introduction

II.  Explanation of Interest

III. Need for a Low-Power Radio Service
 A. Consolidation Issues - Ownership
 B. Consolidation Issues - Licensing
 C. Loss of Credibility in the Medium

IV. Technical Considerations
 A. IBOC Reconsideration
 B. Relaxation of Channel Spacing
 C. Regulation of Use - LP1000
 D. Regulation of Use - LP100
 E. Regulation of Use - LP10
 F. Use of Type-Accepted Equipment
 G. Proof of Engineering Expertise

V. Regulatory Considerations
 A. Station Ownership Requirements
 B. Local Programming Requirements
 C. Commercial/Non-Commercial Requirements
 D. Competing Applications
 E. Use of Lotteries/Auctions
 F. License Renewals
 G. Application Fees
 H. Enforcement

VI. Conclusion
 A. The "Pirate Problem"
 B. Radio Industry Impact
 C. Radio's Future Focus