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Feature: Official Reply Comments on LPFM

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Another important deadline has come and gone in the FCC's current proceeding to create a low power FM radio service. Back in August, public Comments on the proposal were due - the latest round of debate has been conducted via Reply Comments, which give anyone the opportunity to rebut something someone else said during the Comment phase.

I have to admit these weren't worded nearly as diplomatically as my original Comments were, but, hey, at this point everyone's arguments are on the table, and the time to be tactful is running short.

Reply Comments were due to the FCC November 15th; it will take the next step on the proposal within the next few months.

Before the
The Portals
445 Twelfth Street S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matter of   (   MM 99-25
Creation of a    (   RM-9208;
 Low Power Radio Service (   RM-9242



I. Introduction

II. Amendment to Original Comments

III. Utilization/Performance of FCC Public Comment Filing Methods

IV. Reply to Comments From the 'State of Oregon'

V. Reply to Comments From the National Association of Broadcasters et al.
A. The Wisconsin Angle
B. LPFM's Necessity and the Public Interest
C. Diversity
D. 'Other Options' to LPFM
E. The Interference 'Problem'
F. IBOC Concerns
G. Contingency Plans

VI. Reply to Reply Comments From J. Rodger Skinner, Jr.

VII. Conclusion