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FCC Items on Circulation
An up-to-date list of pending rulemakings and other procedures going down at the agency; updated weekly.

FCC Strategic Plan
Now drafting the five-year outlook from 2006 to 2011.

FCC Report & Order Okays FM-HD Power Boost
From the horse's mouth. (1/29/10)

FCC on LPFM: Third Report and Order and Second Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Promises an expansion and otherwise reduces LPFM's secondary-status service burdens. (12/11/07)

FCC Auction #62: FM Broadcast
Involves 173 construction permits; begins 11/1/05.

IBOC Digital Radio Broadcasting for AM and FM Radio Broadcast Stations
The FCC's info-page on the U.S. digital radio standard, with links to the agency's orders and rulemakings on the subject.

S. 312: The Local Community Radio Act of 2005
Thomas summary page of the legislation and its present status.

FCC Localism Task Force
Taking the pulse of the public interest in hopes of making sure that mythical standard still exists.

Digital Audio Broadcasting Systems And Their Impact on the Terrestrial Radio Broadcast Service
The FCC's Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking/Notice of Inquiry, fleshing out the operating rules for "HD Radio"; link goes to .pdf document. (4/20/04)

FCC begins inquiry and proposed rulemaking regarding "interference temperature" approach for interference management
The new system, if implemented, will factor interference tolerance into spectrum management policy. (11/13/03)

Comment Sought on the MITRE Corporation's Technical Report, "Experimental Measurements of the Third-Adjacent-Channel Impacts of Low-Power FM Stations"
The MITRE report recommends waiving the overly-restrictive interference protections mandated by Congress; the FCC will take public input on the study through September 12. (7/11/03)

FCC begins inquiry regarding interference immunity performance specifications for receivers
This could lead to a ruling that requires manufacturers to stop producing interference-prone radios on the cheap - which in turn could allow more users on a slice of spectrum.

Spectrum Policy Task Force: Findings and Recommendations
A slide-show style presentation of where the future of FCC regulatory policy will likely lie. (12/11/02)

REC - Micropower FM (MPFM)
REC Networks is proposing an expansion of the FM dial down to 76 MHz to allow for operations of one watt or less. This page contains a summary of the proposal as well as a channel finder program to allow people to look for potential open MPFM frequencies in their area.

FCC begins inquiry regarding additional spectrum for unlicensed devices
Agency is exploring the allocation of additional spectrum for technological experimentation. (12/11/02)