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On the Media: Rabbit Redux
NPR's media analysis show interviews Dave Rabbit aka Radio First Termer about his work in Vietnam and his upcoming broadcast to troops in Iraq. (9/29/06)

All Things Considered: High School Radio Station Fights FCC
Andrea Shea gets rolled by godcasters making a spectrum-grab, and misconstrues the historical demise of the Class D low-power FM radio station. (1/31/06)

Morning Edition: Florida Toughens Law on Pirate Radio
Ignorant, one-sided story on Florida's criminalization of unlicensed broadcasting. (12/27/05)

Media Matters: WRFU and UC-IMC
Bob McChesney's radio program on WILL-AM talks with local volunteers working to build a new LPFM station. (8/21/05)

These Days: Pirate Radio
KPBS interviews Free Radio San Diego's Bob Ugly and Dennis Wharton, NAB stooge. (7/28/05)

On the Media: Prometheus Unbound
Big profile of the Prometheus Radio Project, previewing upcoming same in the Nation magazine. (4/22/05)

Morning Edition: Low Power FM Movement Makes Waves
Coverage of LPFM's progress near the service's fifth birthday. (2/8/05)

Media Talk: Pirate Radio
Wisconsin Public Radio's Ideas Network talks with Lisa Nalbandian, who recently finished a master's thesis on unlicensed broadcasting at UW-Milwaukee. Real Audio required to play this stream. (12/12/03)

Morning Edition: FCC to Expand Low-Power FM Licenses
Talking with the usual suspects about what the expedited process will mean for American listeners. (8/29/03)

All Things Considered: FCC Chief Offers Plan to Boost Local Media - NPR reports on Mikey Powell's new "localism task force" and all the things he says it will do. (8/20/03)

Fresh Air: Eric Boehlert v. John Hogan
Muckraking Salon journalist who's extensively covered the dealings of Clear Channel is interviewed, followed by discussion with the company's CEO. (7/23/03)

KUOW Weekday: Analyzing Media Regulation
Joel Waldfogel, Professor of Business and Public Policy at the Wharton School, Brendan Cunningham, Assistant Professor of Economics, United States Naval Academy, and Steven Wildman, Professor of Telecommunication Studies and Director of the Quello Center at Michigan State University analyze the FCC's media regulatory trends. Available in both MP3 and Real Audio format. (5/30/03)

Guy Noir: Clear Channel
Sketch on Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion pokes fun at the media giant. RealOne Player required. (5/24/03)

The Conversation: FCC In Seattle
Here you can listen to KUOW, Seattle's NPR affiliate, cover the FCC's field hearing. Show is available in MP3 and RealPlayer streaming audio formats. (3/7/03)

KPCC Talk of the City: FCC Media Review Segment
Host Kitty Felde interviews Sandra Ortiz, executive director of the Univ. of Southern California Center for Communication Law and Policy, on the FCC's pending media review. RealOne Player required to listen. (2/17/03)

Coverage You Can('t) Count On
WNYC's On the Media criticizes the radio news coverage (or rather, the lack thereof) of the loss of the space shuttle Columbia. (2/7/03)

Power to the People: PBS' The News Hour with Jim Lehrer
A rather limp LPFM segment; amazing that it took eight months to produce. You view or listen to the story online from this link (in Real Player or Windows Media format) and read the transcript. (1/8/03)

Low Power FM Profiles: NPR's All Things Considered
A 12-and-a-half minute RealAudio segment featuring phone interviews with five hopefuls for an LPFM license, showcasing the diversity of the bunch. (1/15/01)

Low Power Radio: NPR's All Things Considered
Even though public radio fought furiously to kill LPFM, its news-propaganda arm duly reports on its victory in straight-laced fashion. (12/19/00)

Low Power FM Radio: NPR's All Things Considered
A report on the Congressional movement to kill the LPFM initiative. (4/7/00)

Low Power Radio: NPR's All Things Considered
'Public Radio's' take on the FCC's new LPFM rule on the day it was approved. (1/20/00)

Micro Radio - NPR's Morning Edition
Features a report from affiliate KPLU, spotlights Free Radio Seattle. (9/1/99)

Pirate Radio: NPR's Talk of the Nation
One hour of Stephen Dunifer and Andy Schwartzman spreading the message of low power radio nationwide.  FCC Chairman Kennard backed out of the show - listen to find out why! (12/8/98)

Radio Pirates - NPR's All Things Considered
RealAudio story done on Radio Libre Mt. Pleasant - a fledgling microcaster set up in the shadow of Capitol Hill. (10/05/98)

Miami's Pirate Radio Surrender - NPR's Morning Edition
The summer of 1998 saw some in this hotbed of activity take the safe (but silent) route. (8/25/98)

Pirate Radio in Israel - NPR's Weekend Edition
Unlicensed stations play a big role in Israeli politics.  Hear for yourself. (5/17/98)

Micro Stations Growing - NPR's Weekend Edition
A report on the explosion of the microradio movement. (12/6/97)

B92 Interview - NPR's All Things Considered
Material with Aleksandr Vasovic, foreign editor of Belgrade's B92.  This chronicles the shenanigans the Milosevic regime pulled on independent radio. (12/3/96)

Radio Pirate - NPR's All Things Considered
How NPR told the original story of Stephen Dunifer. (3/9/96)