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Rage Against the Machine: Guerrilla Radio

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Download Now - 3:26, 3.2 MB (MP3)

From The Battle of Los Angeles

Sing along - lyrics here!

Official web site:

If Rage Against the Machine had to pick just one motto to summarize their diverse and extreme positions on a variety of socio-political views, it would have to be 'The time for change is now.'

In fact, that's what the band put on its website when it released The Battle of Los Angeles on Election Day, 1999.

In addition to the symbolic message sent by this album's release deate, RATM asked the notable activist filmmaker Michael Moore to shoot the video for "Sleep Now In the Fire."  The filming date: January 26, 2000.  The set was near New York's Wall Street; in the heart of the very capitalist system the band and its thousands of fans gathered hate.

As filming began, the NYPD, who was out in force, began to arrest Michael Moore on an unknown charge.  The band and the fans, seeing it all go down, bum rushed the stock market in anger of Moore's treatment.  The mini-riot actually closed the New York Stock Exchange down an hour early that day.

Touching on themes like corporate media monopolization, the 'Microradio March on Washington that year, and even props to Mumia Abu Jamal, 'Guerilla Radio' provides an excellent battle cry for free radio stations everywhere:

"All hell can't stop us now."

The rest of the album is just as powerful.