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Cheap Sex: Raped By the FCC

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From Headed for a Breakdown

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Indecency isn't an atypical topic for punks to go on about, although usually it's from the point of being accused of such behavior, not simply complaining about it. Long-time members of San Diego-based Cheap Sex have been there and done that.

"Raped by the FCC" is a pretty straight-ahead indictment of conservative desires to censor broadcast media. In one interview, Cheap Sex lead singer Mike Virus put it this way: "I think that the FCC issues were really important to me; the FCC is controlling too much of the media right now, and someone needed to sing about it, to address it. I think that a lot of the kids that go to the shows aren't aware of those kinds of issues, and I thought that singing a song about it might open their eyes." Amen to that.