Work Noise

During the National Conference for Media Reform I was lucky enough to sit down and throw a few questions at FCC Commissioner Michael Copps in audio speaker iconformal interview-style (24:52, 11.4 MB), courtesy of Free Speech TV producer Lee Buric and John Grebe (Sounds of Dissent). As you can hear, we basically took turns in the chair.

The interruption of Grebe’s line by Jordan Goldberg, Copps’ senior legal advisor, kind of threw things off and made my own lines of inquiry a bit more circumspect (IBOC, microradio, and the future of the Telecom Act). Grebe was trying to get at the translator speculation/trafficking controversy. I felt like Copps played an adroit politician, in that he didn’t give up any substantive information. Read More

Berkeley Liberation Radio Faces Eviction

Captain Fred tells DJ Rubble (via Indybay IMC) that the station’s received notice to move out by the end of June. BLR’s been at its current location (in Oakland) for more than three years.

The landlord was initially supportive of the station, but there have been some complaints about blanketing interference. Normally such complaints are pretty easily rectified but BLR’s neighbors happen to be band practice spaces that contain gear especially sensitive to strong RF fields.

The station is looking for a 10×10′ room with roof access, preferably in a commercial space, where “a somewhat raucous atmosphere” can flourish. “We’d really like to find some landlord who has a grudge against the federal government,” says Fred.

Microradio @ AMC

The Allied Media Conference has accepted the proposal for a microradio workshop. Don’t know its exact spot on the schedule, but if you’d like to get a comprehensive overview of the current scene and explore some of the tactical evolutions currently taking place, then AMC is the place to be next month.

The entire schedule looks excellent and includes sessions on zines and DIY distribution generally, blogging, webcasting, puppet-making, “artistic recycling,” copwatching, and lots more. AMC organizers themselves are blogging in the runup to the event – sounds like the entertainment side of things will also be chock full of goodness. Rumor has it next year’s AMC will be here in Champaign-Urbana.