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KRIM-FM 96.3 - "Like a breath of fresh air" for Payson.

KRMN 101.1 - LPFM for Rich Mountain Community College in Mena.

Dos Palos Radio - "Your home grown sound" with a wide variety of programs.
KDEEFM 97.7 - Licensed to the California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation.
KDRT 101.5 - Davis community radio: "where the grassroots grow."
KFOK LPFM Georgetown - Striving "to offer an unlimited selection of musical, cultural, educational and community affairs programming."
KFXM 96.7 - "The Lost Goldmine" in the high desert!"
KQRP 106.1 - Unique community programming for Salida.

KRBS-LP 107.1 - Oroville - "Community Radio Serving the City of Gold."
KVLP 101.5 - "Visalia Local Power" community radio.

KHEN - "Front Range" community radio for Salida, CO.

Mana'o Radio KEAO-LP 91.5 FM - Maui-based "broadcasts of multi-cultural and community-related programming, with special emphasis on the interests and needs of older adults."

KRFP - Radio Free Moscow -
"Dedicated to the progressive values of peace, justice, democracy, human rights, multiculturalism, environmentalism, freedom of expression, and social change."

WRFU - Radio Free Urbana
- IMC-affiliated LPFM.

WBCR-LP 97.7: Great Barrington Community Radio - Berkshire Community Radio Alliance maintains this volunteer-driven station.
WXOJ-LP: Valley Free Radio - "Non-profit, commercial-free, community-based, volunteer-run" radio in Northampton.

KKRM 96 FM -
Born in a barn, it's now "Western Minnesota's Light Alternative Music Station!"

KHBL 96.9 FM - Non-commercial community radio for Hannibal.

New Mexico
KEDU-LP 102.3 FM - Serving Ruidoso to "encourage higher levels of humanity by promoting cultural diversity and pluralistic community expression."

North Dakota
KNDS 105.9 -
"The rumble in your radio" in Fargo.

- Broadcasting from the Umatilla Indian Reservation.
102 KHJA FM - The "boss" format and more for Jefferson County.
KPIE-LP 94.7 - "Oregon's first low power FM station."

WRFN - Radio Free Nashville
- "Unbuckling the Bible Belt" since 2005.

KDOL 96.1 FM - Variety programming for Livingston.
KNOB 99.9 - Community radio for Mineral Wells.

WOOL 100.1 FM - "Black Sheep Radio" for Great Falls.

- LPFM for Chewelah.
KOSW 91.3 - "Ocean Shores Radio."
KOWA 106.5 - Sustainable community radio in Olympia.
Super CFL 97.7 FM - KCFL-LP is aiming for Seattle, with "super songs" and Kacie Sommers.

West Virginia
WYAP-LP - "Yap Radio" -
Serving as a "platform for change" in Clay County.