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REC LPFM Database
Allows searches using various methods to help you find an open FM frequency in your area; much less restrictive than the FCC's Channel Finder, which makes for more potential open frequencies.

FM Fool
Handy web site allows you to conduct an FM bandscan from any address/location.

LPFM site-planning tool courtesy of the Prometheus Radio Project.
REC Networks database finds potential open frequencies for Part 15 use.

NPR Labs - Web-Based Mapping
Cool application lets you map the coverage areas of all broadcast outlets in the United States.

The Antenna Elmer
See the "design your own" sections for several online calculators here to help you compute the dimensions of your desired antenna design.

Radio Calculations by Harry Lythall
Java applets to help with radio circuit design, quite useful for the build-from-scratch broadcaster.

Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator
Javascript calculator plugs the numbers to make sure you're not frying anyone.

FCC Radio Tools Menu
This simple-looking drop-down menu on this page has an amazing amount of links to FCC-approved online calculators, ranging from signal contour plotters to the LPFM Channel Finder.

FCC Coordinate Locator
This will help you determine what geographic coordinates you'll need to type in when using the FCC's LPFM Channel Finder.

TopoZone - The Web's Topographic Map
Use this site to get detailed topographic maps of your broadcast area - important for figuring out where to site your antenna for maximum coverage.