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Antenna Designs Index
Three high-quality, detailed and researched designs are here - the High-Gain J-Pole, a rare plan for a Circularly Polarized antenna, and a 3-Element Yagi.

Build Your Yagi Antenna
Basic guide for building a directional Yagi antenna for use in the FM broadcast band.

Tunable Dipole Antenna
Hand-drawn schematic of a useful twist on a venerable design.

J-Pole Antenna by G. Forrest Cook
The schematic is tuned for use at 89 MHz, shorten or lengthen the long element to modify for your specific frequency.

J-Pole Information File, by KE3FL
A very comprehensive how-to guide to building a J-Pole antenna, includes free design software.

Design Your Own Super J-Pole
Includes a Javascript calculator, plug in the frequency you want and it will tell you the measurements to design for

Build one Yagi antenna
Fractured English instructions on how to build a low-cost directional antenna for FM broadcast use.

2 Meter 1/2 Wave J-Pole Antenna Made From 450-Ohm Ladder Line
Not recommended for regular use, but sure helpful in a pinch!

How to Build a Tin-Can Waveguide Antenna
No kidding: "for 802.11b Wireless Networks or other 2.4GHz Applications" - but could you STL with it?