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Mbanna Kantako

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Combating the distorted images of women in media.

Allied Media Projects
"Media strategies for a more just and creative world." Organizers of the annual Allied Media Conference.

AMARC - World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
A global group dedicated to fostering community radio everywhere, lots of info to be found here on grassroots radio.

Beautiful Trouble
An activist/prankster toolbox: mental warfare tactics for the next revolution.

BIT Radio
An automated Radio Interruption service for local area news, BIT Radio transmits brief audio 'break-ins', for rapid news delivery to established audiences.

Center for Media Justice
A preeminent voice for the voiceless.

Common Frequency Radio Project
Working to assist groups to apply for scarce full-power noncommercial FM station construction permits.

Community FM: Towards a Toolkit for Community Radio
Archive of coverage of conference in Manchester, UK, February 2004 featuring representatives from around the world sharing notes and exploring models.

Community Media Association
Non-profit organization devoted to expanding public access to media as producers in the UK

Digital Radio Mondiale North America
Advocating for the deployment of Digital Radio Mondiale in the United States; archive for information on the DRM standard.

Fox News Boycott
From "Join the campaign against right wing TV."

Free Press
Leaders in the fight for media policy reform.

Free Radio Berkeley
Home of Stephen Dunifer, still active in the kit building business.
Widely-known gathering place where anyone is a journalist through open publishing; incubator of several innovative DIY-media projects.

Inspecting Broadcasters' Public and Political Files
A handy how-to guide from Free Press.

Live Streaming 101
A handy yet comprehensive primer on providing real-time coverage from fluid protest actions.

REC Networks repository of FCC information and database tools on low power FM broadcasting.

May Day Radio
NYC-based experimentation with micro-mosquito fleet street broadcasting.

Media Access Project
"A non-profit, public interest law firm which promotes the public's First Amendment right to hear and be heard on the electronic media of today and tomorrow.

Media Action Center
Campaign designed to engage the public to pressure broadcasters to operate in the public interest, via content-watchdogging and public file inspections.

Media Alliance
Training and resources to empower media workers as well as media education and training for interested activists.

Media Democracy Day
Home base for coordination of the October holiday dedicated to taking back the public voice.

Media Mobilizing Project
Unleashing "the powerful combination of communications, media making and organizing in order to clarify the issues at stake, document lived human realities, and act as a tool to inspire and unite those who have a vested interest in change."

Media Policy Action Directory
The Center for International Media Action's handy guidebook to groups and projects dedicated to media policy education and reform. (2005)

National Audio Theatre Festivals
Yearly convergences where the art of radio drama is explored and expanded.

Backpack-powered mosquito fleet designed to provide street-level microbroadcast services.

Next 5 Minutes
An international collaboration involving the establishment and development of "tactical media labs" that culminates in a media festival.

Community of unlicensed, but legal, broadcasters sharing tips and tricks for making the most of micro-wattage.

Project TUPA
"Transmitters Uniting the Peoples of the Americas" - helping to organize communities to resist imperialism, one watt at a time.

Prometheus Radio Project
Leader and supporter of fledgling LPFM stations nationwide, may be coming to a town near you.

Public Knowledge
"Fighting for your digital rights in Washington."

Radio for People
A coalition dedicated to helping organizations prepare to file for new non-commercial FM station applications.

Radio Spark
A place where aspiring LPFM broadcasters can connect with potential station-supporters.

Reclaim the Media
Major information nexus in the slowly-growing fight for media democracy.
A one-stop shop where American citizens can find and speak out about various regulatory proceedings wending through the federal maze. Handy!

Seattle Micro Radio Communications Commission (SMRCC)
Helps to coordinate microbroadcasting activity in and around the Seattle metropolitan area.

Stencil Stealthily
Convert a shopping bag into a canvas for clandestine street art.

Stop IBOC Now!
A growing coalition of broadcast professionals and listeners unhappy with HD Radio as radio's default digital protocol.
Home site for the annual winter gathering of shortwave pirate enthusiasts.

Wave Manual
Home to an ambitious book/zine project tying experiences of electronic civil disobedience throughout the Americas.

World Radio Forum
"Broadcasters, producers, journalists, trainers & facilitators in radio programming made for, with, and by children and youth."

Yahoo! Group: Creative-Radio
"A forum for people active or interested in using radio creatively in international public health, development and related fields. Creative Radio tries to bridge the gap between journalism and humanitarian, post-conflict and development activities."

The Yes Lab for Creative Activism
The Yes Men make it easy to collectively fund and execute culture jamming.