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Feature: The Sound of Silence (III)

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Saying Goodbye to WMAQ

The last few hours of live programming on WMAQ were hosted by long-time award-winning Chicago news gurus Bill Cameron and Larry Langford.  Combined, they've got more than a half-century of experience covering the city that makes them invaluable storytellers for the common good.

So it was appropriate that they spent the time fondly reminiscing about their years on the station - and discussing the reasons for going off the air.

Cameron & Langford had quite a few guests on their show. The following were some of the more poignant moments during WMAQ's final hours.

Simply click on each link to listen for yourself. Real Audio required.

RA Studs Terkel
This longtime Chicago broadcasting icon and preeminent chronicler of history was one of the city's first radio stars. His radio career is almost as long as the existence of the business.

RA Mayor Richard M. Daley
Hizzoner's been in office since 1989, and is the son of former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, one of the notable big-city "bosses" of the mid-20th century. Sometimes he can be straight with the media; his last appearance on WMAQ shows there can be a small grain of truth in the answer of a politician.

RA Mike Wallace
The 60 Minutes star "grew up professionally" on WMAQ radio. But this bulldog's too chicken to come out and take on his boss for decision to kill the station.

RA Roe Conn
The afternoon-drive talk show host on WLS-AM (owned by ABC/Disney) got his professional start at WMAQ. He called the station on its last day and demanded to be put through to Cameron & Langford while they were on the air. As a result, this conversation was simulcast on two major Chicago stations - making for 100,000 watts of power behind this clip.

RA Bob Roberts
I've met Bob before while covering stories. Bob's the model radio journalist - tenacious, yet passionate about his craft. He loved his job, and he loved WMAQ. He immersed itself in its history during his years at the station, and Cameron & Langford let him give the final words about its demise. Less than 60 seconds after Bob said this, WMAQ's live microphones were turned off - for the last time.