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Feature: FCC Legalizes FM
How They Voted: Gloria Tristani

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Listen to Tristani's Statement on LPFM (Real Audio, 5:33)

"This is a great day for the American radio listening public."

"The radio business has undergone a massive consolidation.  Since the '96 (Telecom) Act was passed the number of radio station owners has decreased about 12%, even though the total number of stations has actually increased by almost 4%.  And pending mergers reduce the number of station owners even further."

"I've grown increasingly concerned about the effect of consolidation on localism and the diversity of voices on the public airwaves.  The new low-power radio service we are adopting is a partial antidote to the negative effects of consolidation...under the First Amendment, this is the best kind of response - the answer is more speech, not less."

"The public response to the low-power radio proposal has been overwhelming.  We've heard from thousands of individuals, schools, churches, and community groups and local government agencies that would like to use the public airwaves to serve their communities, but can't under our existing rules.  We've also heard from countless individuals who would like to hear more varied voices over the public airwaves."

"Nothing we are adopting will jeopardize the technical integrity of the spectrum or to the transition to digital radio."

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