Freak Radio Santa Cruz Gets FCC Visit

According to V-Man, Freak Radio indyjournalist extraordinaire and collagist with the Dept. of Corrections, FCC agent David Hartshorn shoved a warning letter – addressed to the V-Man himself – into the front door of the building that houses the station.

In addition to carrying the standard language about consequences and penalties, the letter also makes reference to the fact that “spurious radio signals associated with the operation of this station were detected on the frequency of 196.2 MHz.” Methinks that is a typo, as 192.6 MHz is the second harmonic of FRSC’s broadcast frequency (96.3), and a more likely location for spurious emissions. Low-pass filter ahoy, and update the bust PSA!

The thinking at Freak Radio is the FCC will try to nail the V-Man personally on this one, which would make already bad news incredibly worse. The call for support is going out.

Clear Channel/KJR Re-Jammed in Seattle

Last September, when the National Association of Broadcasters descended on Seattle for their annual radio convention, they were met by a swarm of microradio stations, who dubbed themselves the “mosquito fleet.”

During the convention the stations coordinated a simulcast spoof of local Clear Channel classic hits outlet KJR-FM, which ran on spots across Seattle’s FM dial for the better part of a day. The on-air culture jam, produced by Negativland, ripped into KJR and Clear Channel for billing the station as playing the “SuperHits 60s and 70s,” yet sneaking in a significant number of 80’s tunes. It was a sideswipe at Clear Channel and the NAB’s focus on broadcasting for a demographic and the bottom line. Read More