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Shortwave Pirate Radio cache of full shows from several pirate stations over the last decade.

Unlicensed Radio Stations -
An impressive archive of airchecks and interviews with pirate radio stations and operators from around the world.

Shortwave listening logs, clips, and much more.

Skidmark Bob's YouTube Channel
An ever-growing archive of Freak Radio Santa Cruz's history on video.

Brad the Impaler - Colorado DX'er posts recent shortwave pirate catches in MP3 format.

The Gulch - Radio Destiny-stream of shortwave pirate recordings, both in-studio and DXed.

Anime Music Network - Air Checks - RealAudio samples of a specialty station.

British Shortwave Real Audio Library - Dozens of clips of stations logged between 1968 and 1984.

The Pirate DXer Show - Collecting audio/video clips from listeners/viewers of pirate stations to share with others.

Greek Pirate Radio Received in Finland
The home of a Finnish DX'er with a specialty for pulling in MW and SW pirates from Greece; includes audio directory. - Supposed archive of hundreds of hours of audio from KBFR broadcast sessions.

Radio Free Euphoria Archives - Extensive collection of the shortwave pirate's shows - since 1992.

Radio First Termer: Broadcasts and Outtakes - Cleaned-up audio files include full shows and a plethora of spicy cuts from this Vietnam-era GI pirate station.

Kracker Radio Archives - Links to MP3s of the shortwave pirate's past broadcasts.

F.U.C.C. Radio Live - What's left of Seattle's most fragrant station.

Free Radio Clips - Real Audio from past British FM pirates.

Hardcore Music Alley: Soundbites - Wicked samples snatched from the air, covering much of the history of the London pirate scene!

Howard's Free Radio Web site - Streaming audio clips "from London's past pirate radio stations"; RealPlayer required.

My Pirate QSL Cards - And soundbites of said stations, lots of 'em!

Paul's Radio Museum - How Radio Used To Sound - Audio clips of the evolution of European medium and shortwave stations.

Pirate Radio Audio Shows - Audio clips available for download from a smattering of pirate stations large and small from all around the world. Courtesy of FRN.

Pirate DX Audio - Clips of shortwave pirates from around the world; Real Player required.

Radio 11 Onweizen - This Dutch put up this page of MP3s where you can sample previous broadcasts.

Radio First Termer WAVs - Snippets from Vietnam's number one pirate station and its DJ, Dave Rabbit.

Radio Jackie 227 Remembered - Page designed and maintained by a former presenter on Radio Jackie, and includes a streaming audio feed of old Radio Jackie sounds, 24 hours a day.

Simon Reynolds' UK Pirate Radio Recordings - Lightning Bites - Two doped mates spew freestyle over slamming beats.  The way it is meant to be!

Sixties City: Pirate Sounds - MP3 and RealAudio of station airchecks and pirate-themed songs played during the Offshore Era.

Soulies - Pirate Radio - Chronicles the rise of the UK pirate radio movement from the mid 1960's to the early '70s. Various RealAudio sound clips scattered throughout.

Station Sierra Sierra RealAudio Files - Includes some of its own programming as well as clips from pirates of the past.

Sterling Times: Pirate Pages - Pumped up with lots of offshore RealAudio files.

Swedish Report Service: Sounds Pirate! - Extensive list of Real Audio recordings involving European medium/shortwave pirates from past and present.

The Pirate's Cove - RealAudio samples from famous offshore stations like Radio Caroline and Radio Nordsee International, as well as sounds from Lazer 558 and IRL.

The Pirates - Lots of clips from European shortwave pirates both past and present.

The Voice of Laryngitis - Archive of sound clips from this shortwave pirate heavy on the humor.

Wolf Radio mp3 Download Directory - Some news clips about Florida FCC activity and promos from Wolf FM.