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Mbanna Kantako

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Double album: produced February 18 and 19, 2001

Mbanna Kantako's been on the air since March, in defiance of the double-whammy raids and court order handed down in late 2000. Still, there was a winter of downtime, and Kantako's family had plenty of time to do lots of recording.

So it wasn't completely surprising to find two bare CDs stuffed in an envelope in my physical mailbox in the Spring of 2001 and an email from the Kantakos in my cyber-one.

As with the first album, A Warrior Not A Man, concentrate on the messages, not the music. Mbanna's got a system, and it basically boils down to school rhymes. Simple, sing-song-y nuggets of education for Springfield's black youth, which is his main motivation these days.

1. Take the Drum (5:50, 2.7 MB)
2. Count the Cash (5:50, 2.7 MB)
3. Be Yourself (5:28, 2.6 MB)
4. Flee the Devil (5:49, 2.7 MB)
5. Take the Devil to the Bridge (5:48, 2.7 MB)
6. It's Going Up (5:50, 2.7 MB)
7. Harriet Tubman (5:50, 2.7 MB)
8. The Real Amistad (5:49, 2.7 MB)
9. Panthers are Warriors (5:46, 2.7 MB)
10. School's Out (5:33, 2.6 MB)
11. Our Pledge (5:50, 2.7 MB)
12. Stand Strong Not Wrong (5:50, 2.7 MB)
13. Yellow Brick Road (5:34, 2.6 MB)
14. 99.9 On the Line (4:36, 2.2 MB)

On Take the Drum, there are two specific school rhymes that speak to the FCC harassment of Human Rights Radio: "Take the Drum," "Stand Strong Not Wrong," and "99.9 on the Line."

1. The P.D. (5:34, 2.6 MB)
2. My Soul Can't Fake It (5:50, 2.7 MB)
3. Don't Be Afraid (5:42, 2.7 MB)
4. No Friend in Uncle Sam (5:30, 2.6 MB)
5. Righteous Classroom (5:51, 2.7 MB)
6. Culture (4:11, 2 MB)
7. Breathe Free Now (5:54, 2.8 MB)
8. Black is a State of Mind (5:33, 2.6 MB)
9. We Must Go Home (6:35, 3.1 MB)
10. We Gotta Get Paid (7:06, 3.3 MB)
11. Ida B. Wells (5:33, 2.6 MB)
12. The Constitution is a Crime (5:51, 2.7 MB)
13. Tel-I-Vision (5:28, 2.6 MB)

It's Time features no specific songs about HRR; these are more about pride and heritage. Some tracks that stand out include "We Must Go Home," "Tel-I-Vision," and "Culture" - which Mbanna himself can be heard on.