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Mbanna Kantako/Human Rights Radio:
Mind Know Thyself is Strength

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Mbanna Kantako

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Produced November, 2001

While Mbanna Kantako takes the spotlight most of the time in the Human Rights Radio story, let's not forget that this is truly a family affair.

Most of these songs are new material; a couple are reprised from earlier releases, but they were Konnadi's tracks all along. There's an urgent theme for action running through the music, almost as consistent as the lengths of the tracks.

It is eminently clear that her father has taught her well, and she's more than prepared to carry on the fight for the next generation - proof positive that there's hope to be found among the young.

1. Mind Know Thyself Is Strength (6:11, 2.9 MB)
2. Let's Fight (5:34, 2.6 MB)
3. Get Paid w/the Quickness (5:48, 2.7 MB)
4. The Fight (5:53, 2.7 MB)
5. Devil's Holidays (5:36, 2.6 MB)
6. Take the Sheet Off Sam (5:52, 2.7 MB)
7. The P.D. (5:33, 2.6 MB)
8. Repatriate (5:36, 2.6 MB)
9. Let's Make the Move (5:51, 2.7 MB)
10. Destiny (5:52, 2.7 MB)
11. Bomb Uncle Tom (5:54, 2.8 MB)
12. The Truth Will Outlast Lies (5:32, 2.6 MB)