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Mbanna Kantako/Human Rights Radio:
Black Hands

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Mbanna Kantako

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Double album: produced August 10, 2001

In defiance of a federal court order, Mbanna Kantako's Human Rights Radio remains on the air in Springfield, IL. As if risking prison time wasn't enough, Kantako's been doing a lot more than just using his radio station to get his messages of militant justice to the masses.

That message is spreading, too: a Human Rights Information Network affiliate is also now on the air in Decatur, IL - and is already involved in its own dance with the FCC.

But Kantako's most important achievement may be the after-school education programs he's created, from scratch, for his community. Structured classes, field trips, a library and more keeps children at the Marcus Garvey School of Human Rights not only off the streets and out of trouble, but also gives them an important cultural education for Springfield's African youth - something definitely not taught in school.

Instilling a much-needed hope of pride in his community, Kantako's brought the whole school on board to help with production of this latest release, Black Hands. It is not only a celebration of an entire people, but it's a creative tribute to the knowledge Mbanna has imparted to them.

Black Hands, Volume 1
1. Black Hands (5:46, 2.7 MB)
2. Warriors It's Time to Rise (2:11, 1.1 MB)
3. Warriors Are Tough (3:19, 1.6 MB)
4. Well If We Will (5:54, 2.8 MB)
5. No Slave Chooses His Master (5:35, 2.6 MB)
6. Divided & Conquered (5:55, 2.8 MB)
7. Your Pride (5:52, 2.7 MB)
8. Mind Know Thyself & Strength (6:11, 2.9 MB)
9. Time For Reparations (5:33, 2.6 MB)
10. Take the Drum (5:53, 2.7 MB)
11. Genocide 1455 (6:23, 3 MB)
12. African Pledge (1:16, 601 KB)

While the music remains pretty formulaic, there are some new twists, and the diversity of voices you can find on these albums is wider than ever before. On Volume 1, these range from toddlers who've barely begun to speak ("Warriors Are Tough") to Mbanna himself, who breaks out in rap and song ("Genocide 1455")

Black Hands, Volume 2
1. Stand Strong Not Wrong (5:51, 2.7 MB)
2. Walk Like a Warrior (3:18, 1.6 MB)
3. The Pilgrims (5:35, 2.6 MB)
4. All Power to the People (5:51, 2.7 MB)
5. Marcus Garvey Army Remix (5:54, 2.8 MB)
6. Skip Uncle Sam (5:53, 2.7 MB)
7. Devil's Holidays (5:37, 2.6 MB)
8. Burn the Devil With Truth (5:53, 2.7 MB)
9. Count the Cash (5:54, 2.8 MB)
10. Mama (6:35, 3.1 MB)

Volume 2 contains several tracks previously released on the album Take the Drum. There are several new gems as well, including the first ever remix ("Marcus Garvey Army") and yet another schoolrhyme rap/song from Mbanna ("Mama").